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Episode 043: The Distraction Of The Week

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(propagating the formula via news talk and independent music)

This week: We review the myriad of ways your government is spying on you. Also, Secret Service agents like prostitutes. ISN’T THAT SCANDALOUS?


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Featured Album/Artist for 4/22/12: “Signs & Signifiers,” JD McPherson
Listen to this whole record free streaming here!

Music for 4/22/12:
“I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In),” Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
“North Side Gal,” JD McPherson
“Mountain Sound,” Of Monsters And Men
“They Never Did Know,” Treefight for Sunlight
“Ms. Hospital Corners,” The Envy Corps
“Your Love (All That I’m Missing),” JD McPherson
“The Tourist,” Sarah Jarosz

Show Notes for 4/22/12:
Aw, Secret Service, Why You Gotta Come In Here And Sing About Prostitutes To The Children?
Roger Goodell Delivers Ultimatum To Dysfunctional Minnesota Government
North Korea Has A Website
By The Way, The NSA Has All Your Email In An Archive
Leftover SuperPAC Money Is Scrupulously Tracked… Just Kidding, There’s No Oversight Or Accountability
USA Today Reporter Illegally Smeared By Government, Pentagon Doesn’t Know Anything About it, Obviously
Oh By The Way, Starting In 2015 Your Car Will Be Recording Its Movements
Is Anyone Surprised The Congresspeople Writing The New And Dangerous Cybersecurity Law Can’t Secure Their Own Websites?
President Proposes Good, Popular Thing That Will Never Survive The Legislative Process
Elitist Prejudiced Conservative Congresswoman Says Horrible Thing That Congressional GOP Is All Thinking
Rep. Virginia Foxx Not Trying To Minimize Mathew Shepard’s Beating And Dragging By Two Homophobes Or Anything
Tuition At University Of Texas When Virginia Foxx Was In College: $50 Tuition Now: $Thousands
Rep. Foxx Only Wants You To Go To Duke If You’re Rich; Duke Agrees
Foundation Appears To Circumvent Wikileaks’s Banking Blockade
Illegal US Police Tactics Hit Snag When Confronted With Judge Who Actually Gives A Shit About The Rules
Hey, That Guy From The 1800s Has 80s Hair
Who Doesn’t Love A Little Hot Naked Sex? I’ll Tell You Whom.
“We Didn’t Want It To Become A Political Event Of Any Kind.” (Get it?)
CU Spends $150,000 On Distraction Headlined By Musician Who Embezzled From His Own Haiti Charity, Less Than 1,000 People Attend
CU Officials: 4/20 Crackdown “Worked”
Lawyer Steps In To Allow Public Access To Public, Taxpayer-Funded Space
Big Brother In The Schools? It’s Not Who You Think, But Yes
Welcome To Florida, Where Knowing Too Much Is Wrong
Doug Stanhope – Sodomy is ecofriendly
Doug Stanhope – The cure for the Royal Wedding

Untitled 1 Show #042: Drone In The Background

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This week it’s all about Obama’s War on Women. Also, Dusty shakes his fist at meaningless baseball “statistics.”

I don't always need to be rescued, but when I do, I want a mine-resistant, ambush-proof rescue vehicle.

Download Episode 42 here (right-click and choose Save…) or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 4/13/12: “Catching A Tiger,” Lissie

Music for 4/13/12:
“My Brother’s A Basehead,” De La Soul
“When I’m Alone,” Lissie
“Ho Hey,” The Lumineers
“Run Run Run,” Phoenix
“Loosen The Knot,” Lissie
“Days Are Forgotten,” Kasabian
“you! me! dancing!” Los Campesinos!

Show Notes for 4/13/12:
Don’t Drone Me, Bro!
Less Distance From War
Know Drones, Yo!
Utah: 500,000+ Personal Records Stolen, Our Bad
Springfield: It’s In Oregon, People
Oh Please Let This Be A Thing
TSA Screener Reveals Awful Truth, Is Fired
Teens Fucking More, Impregnating Fewer
Video of teen restrained, shocked for hours expected to be played in court
‘Kony 2012′ Group Fronted For The CIA During War Operations In Uganda
Stuxnet Was Planted By Iranian Double Agents On Israel’s Behalf
Not Reading Terms Of Service Won’t Get You Put In Jail, May Still Get Your Lips Sewn To Someone’s Ass In A Horrible Human Centipede
Women need women less than men
Tennessee’s Anti-Science Bill Becomes Law
Rick Scott Vetoes Bill Sending Non-Violent Drug Offenders To Rehab After Serving Half Sentence In Jail
Gov. Walker quietly signs several controversial bills into law
Arizona Abortion Bill: Legislators Pass Three Bills, Including One That Redefines When Life Begins
Arizona’s Hero Resigns
Joe Arpaio’s Favorite Prosecutor Disbarred
DOJ Agrees To See Joe Arpaio In Court
Pitcher Wins: Ludicrous, Or Merely Absurd?
In Oregon, Unvaccinated Babies Are Dying Of Whooping Cough

Written by Dusty

04/14/2012 at 1:53 PM

Untitled 1 Show #041: Shake Weight

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(propagating the formula via news talk and independent music)

This week: Kevin fills in for a post-surgical J-Po, and we get his prediction for the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act. Also the Facebook IPO, Google Glasses, and justice is served in New Orleans

C'mon, baby, just a quick workout!

Download Episode 41 here (right-click and click Save As…) or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 4/5/12: “Through The Next Door,” Octopus Nebula (download it free here)

Music for 4/5/12:
“The House That Heaven Built,” Japandroids
“Robin Your Mind,” Octopus Nebula
“Hold On,” SBTRKT
“Backatown,” Trombone Shorty
“Lookin Ass Nigga,” Cornbreadd (see the video here)

Show Notes for 4/5/12:
People In Robes Deciding Laws: Your Interactive Guide To The Supreme Court’s Deliberations Over The Affordable Care Act
The Torturer Of My Enemy Is My Friend, Until I Need Him To Take The Blame: Your Incomplete Guide To Poland’s CIA Black Sites
Rubes Are The Product: Your Complete Guide To The Facebook IPO
If You Can Think Of A Better Way To Exchange Long Carbon Molecules, I’d Like To Hear It: A Cautionary Guide To How Zynga And Facebook Ride Together Or Die Together

Written by Dusty

04/05/2012 at 2:24 PM

Untitled 1 Show #40.5: The Frozen Tundra Chronicles, Continued

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top men.....
Our formula is this: We go out, and we hit people in the mouth. This crime against nature was recorded live at The Hub Bar & Grill in Grand Forks, ND on 3/21/12. It features rants on everything from the great copyright noose tightening around our necks to Afghanis joining the army just to kill Americans.

Download Episode 40.5 here (right-click and select Save As..) or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 3/30/12: “Young the Giant,” Young the Giant

Music for 3/30/12:
Radiohead – 2+2=5
The Cure – Close to Me
Gotye – Making Mirrors
Young the Giant – St. Walker
Mousse T vs. Hot ‘n’ Juicy – Horny

Show Notes for 3/30/12:
The Government Is Gonna Get You, And They’re Using Copyright Law To Do It, Obviously
Hamid Karzai Runs His Corrupt-Ass Mouth
Brett Wasn’t Kidding: 1/3 Of All American Soldier Deaths In 2012 Due To Afghan ‘Friendlies’
Here’s A Link To The Awesome 8th, Brett’s Awesome Blog
New York Passes DNA Archive Law, Because No Government Agency Would Ever Misuse A Library Of Criminals’ DNA
Ancient NY Congressman And Hater Of MMA Won’t Run For Re-Election

Written by Dusty

03/31/2012 at 6:44 PM

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Untitled 1 Show #040: The Frozen Tundra Chronicles (Part 1)

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Mike Daisey should lay off the fatty foods. Also shortcuts.

Download Episode 040 (Part 1) here (right-click and click Save…) or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 3/23/12: “Young the Giant,” Young the Giant

Music for 3/10/12:
“Let Forever Be.” Chemical Brothers
“My Body,” Young the Giant
“Hang Them All,” Tapes ‘n Tapes
“Take Me Home,” Brother Ali

Show Notes for 3/23/12:

The Saints were bad men and will be punished as such
Why paying millionaires ass-wipe money in addition to their salaries is wrong
Raising awareness for African monsters through Public Masturbation
Ugandans are pissed off that their country is being portrayed as a warzone
Exhaustion, dehydration and malnutrition. Not from drugs, but from fame
We’re just going to leave this video right here…
It turns out that when you make a video to raise awareness for Africa and have it star yourself and your five year old son, people come after you
Mike Daisey – King of Journalistic Shortcuts, Douchebag
Mike Daisey tries to explain why he lied in his This American Life segment without spilling piping hot gravy all over himself
Mike Daisey puts out a libelous tell-all about Amazon, while being sold on Amazon
An overwhelming majority of Americans want SuperPACs stopped
McCain takes the morning off from telling kids to get off his lawn, says something sane for the first time this year
More print-media goes away.
Apparently pounding on a reporter’s door at 12:30 AM about a police-story in the paper is one of the media’s hot-buttons

Written by Dusty

03/23/2012 at 2:54 AM

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Untitled 1 Show #039: My Little KONY 2012

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The makers of KONY 2012 posing with Sudanese soldiers and some big guns.  Aren't they TOUGH?

Download Episode 039 here (right-click and click Save…) or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 3/10/12: “Start The Revolution Without Me,” Kaiser Chiefs

Music for 3/10/12:
“Little Talks,” Of Monsters And Men
“On The Run,” Kaiser Chiefs
“We Are Young,” fun.
“Something About The Fire,” Adele vs. Daft Punk (Carlos Serrano Mix)
“When All Is Quiet,” Kaiser Chiefs
“Honolulu Blues,” Craig Finn
“Friends Of Friends,” Hospitality

Show Notes for 3/10/12:
A Poorly Researched Article On Vice.Com About Joseph Kony With Pictures Worth 1,000 Words
Maybe Invisible Children Isn’t So Awesome After All
Here’s A Charity Deserving Of Your Hard-Earned Dollars That Isn’t A Bunch Of Douchey American Filmmakers
Image Gallery: The Webcams That Watched Russia’s Parliamentary Elections
Russia’s Election Likely A Sham
Russia’s Parliamentary Election Likely A Sham, Too
In Chechnya, People Were So Excited To Vote For Putin That Many Did Twice, Apparently
Canada’s Leading Conservative On Illegal Conservative Robocalls: ‘Everybody’ Needs To Knock It Off, Nobody Should Be Punished
Canadian Conservatives Demand Liberal Phone Records But Won’t Release Their Own
Students Easily Hack DC Election Electronic Voting System
“admin/admin” Is Not A Safe Login/Password For Administrative Control Of Election Systems
Obama Keeps US Citizens Out Of Military Brigs, Can Still Have Them Killed
LulzSec Leader Was Doing It For The Lulz FBI
The Video The TSA Doesn’t Want You To See Is Somewhat Outdated
Pat Robertson, Irrelevant Bigot, Doesn’t Care If You Smoke The Dank
The War On Drugs Is Very Profitable For Lobbyists And Police Departments
Young People’s Wages Go Down, Executive Pay Still Rising
Ice Cube Ruins Everyone’s Fun

Virgina Signs Less Rapey Version Of Abortion Law
Wisconsin – Single Childless Legislator Has Strong Opinions On Who Should Be Raising Children, Wants To Codify Them Into Law
Texas – D(‘oh)rones!
New York – A Condom In Hand Is Worth A Jailin’
New Jersey – Hero Senator Goes Undercover As Hobo
Florida – You May Finally Dye Your Pets Weird Colors
Florida – Rick Scott, Still A Dick

Written by Dusty

03/10/2012 at 11:53 AM

Untitled 1 Show #038: Gitmo Nation Media Assassination

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A very angry man died young, from a heart attack.  Supposedly.

Download Episode 038 here or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 3/4/12: “Give You The Ghost,” Policia

Music for 3/4/12:
“DoYaThing,” Gorillaz
“Wandering Star,” Policia
“Contradiction,” First Communion Afterparty
“It Gets Harder,” Good Luck
“Love Interruption,” Jack White
“I See My Mother,” Policia
“Smoking Gun,” Dylan Walsh & J-Po

Show Notes for 3/4/12:
An Unreasonable Jerk Died
Privacy Bill of Rights
Illegal Searches From The FBI Decline, For Once
You Don’t Have To Tell The Feds Your Encrypted Drive Password
Wikileaks Reveals Existence Of Our Own Private CIA, Accountable To No One But Anonymous
This Would Be Exactly The Reason Why We’ve Been Agitating Against Things Like SOPA
Osama bin Laden ‘was in routine contact with Pakistan’s spy agency’
I Bet You Wish You Had Gigabit Internet For $70/Month
Study Finds No Change In Use Between Unlimited And Tiered Mobile Data Plans
The Wire Really Is Real Life
$100 Bills (And Hack Writers) Only Cause Trouble
If You Don’t Have A Unique Password For Porn Sites, You’re An Idiot, And This Is Why
I’d Kickstart Her So Friggin’ Hard
The MPAA, Themselves Bullies, Give ‘Bully’ Film R Rating With No Apparent Sense Of Irony
Women Inexplicably Supporting Anti-Woman Man
Canada’s Election May Have Been Fraudulent
Who Needs Jobs Or Money? Successful Programs Should Be Cut To Appease Wealthy Lobbying Organizations
This Week In Godzilla
This Week In State-Sponsored Rape, Episode 2
State-Sponsored Rape May Be Just As Illegal As The Normal Kind
Jon Stewart On This Week In State-Sponsored Rape
This Week In State-Sponsored Rape
Surprise: Chair Of AL Health Committee Would Get So Fucking Rich Giving Women Invasive Ultrasounds Because Of… Yeah, Abortion, That’s It
This Week In Destroying Marriage
Uppity lesbians from Texas
You must drink to have an opinion on drinking in Utah
Voting for Virginian Pussy

Written by Dusty

03/05/2012 at 1:13 PM

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