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Episode #045: Hot Cops

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This Week On The Untitled 1 Show: Rampant homosexuality is the distraction of the week, both for the mainstream media and our listeners. Total coincidence.

I may have made a tiny huge mistake.

Download Episode #045 here or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 5/15/12: “Not Your Kind Of People,” Garbage

Music for 5/15/12:
“Just A Test,” Beastie Boys
“Blood For Poppies,” Garbage
“Get A Job,” Gossip
“Good One,” Mally
“Man On A Wire,” Garbage
“Bennie & The Jets,” Biz Markie
“This Head I Hold,” Electric Guest

Show Notes for 5/15/12:
Alex Jones intros the latest summer hit, Underwear Bomber 2
Al-Qaeda, Or How Intelligence Services Conjured Up Wars Costing Trillions Of Dollars And Thousands Of Lives
A Tremendous Amount Of Courage (Since It Was Our Guy, Obv)
Biden Boner Blows Obama Biggie…but not really
Obama Is First Gay President, George Takei Weeps Quietly
CISPA: The Cyber Intelligence Sharing And Protection (And Spying And Intellectual Property Protection) Act
CISPA: People Who Don’t Know Anything About What They’re Doing Are Doing Really Important Things
Obama Promises CISPA Veto
The Non-Geek’s Guide To CISPA
Jordan Weissmann, Hack, Writes For Hacky Hack Magazine The Atlantic
Jordan Weissmann Got A Journalism Degree And A Sweet Job Writing Hacky Hit Pieces For Conservative Rags, Now Thinks Nobody Else Should Go To College
US Govt, Y U No Release Pictures Or Video Of Dead Osama Bin Laden?
Doug Stanhope Doesn’t Believe The Administration’s Osama Bin Laden Story
More Americans Believe in Witchcraft than in Citizens United
Diebold Voting Machines Still Causing Election Fraud In Alaska, Canada’s Glove
The Postal Service May Soon Mail You Beer. Not The Electro-Pop Collaboration, But The Government Postal Corporation
Oldest Media Pirate In The World Caught, Is Likely A Hero
Charles Taylor Can Suck It
You’re Gay (Or Maybe I Am)
Romney Smears The Queer? Nobody’s There To Hear? Should Tormenter Live In Fear? Can Someone Buy Him A Beer? Will Romney Shed A Tear?
Why The Vikings Stadium Plan Is The Worst Kind Of Empty Political Farce
Pray the Gay Away Continues In Minnesota
Praying The Gay Away No Longer An Option In FAAAABULOUS California
Cesspool on the Gulf of Mexico
Missouri Measure Can’t Possibly Backfire
Rick Scott: Still A Dick, Still Doing It Wrong
Sheriff Joe Needs A Civics Lesson
NY: Merely Viewing Child Pornography Is Not The Same As Possessing It
Doug Stanhope on Marriage


Written by Dusty

05/15/2012 at 12:33 PM

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