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Episode #044: Our Work Here Is Done

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We can finally go home; the traditional news media finally did its job. Its real job, not the sycophantic money-vaccuuming blowjobbery they usually do.


Download Episode 044 here (right click and choose Save) or click Play to listen above!

Music for 5/2/12:

“the love bus” – lords of acid
“give it back” – the ting tings
“Emmylou” – first aid kit
“navigating by the stars at night” – mike doughty
“molly’s lips” – twin berlin
“the good rebel” – noel gallagher’s high flying birds
“baker street” – foo fighters

Show Notes for 5/2/12:
Washington Post: It’s The GOP’s Fault, Says Guy From Right-Wing Think Tank
New York Times: The FBI Is Creating 2/3 Of The Terror Plots It Solves
Star Tribune: GOP Makes Bad Faith Effort To Blame Impending Stadium Failure On Democrats
Star Tribune: Political Football May Be Kicked By Monday
Michelle Bachmann: Still Crazy After All These Years
Minnesota Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe On Twitter


Written by Dusty

05/02/2012 at 12:11 PM

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