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Episode 043: The Distraction Of The Week

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(propagating the formula via news talk and independent music)

This week: We review the myriad of ways your government is spying on you. Also, Secret Service agents like prostitutes. ISN’T THAT SCANDALOUS?


Download Episode 043 here (right-click and choose Save As) or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 4/22/12: “Signs & Signifiers,” JD McPherson
Listen to this whole record free streaming here!

Music for 4/22/12:
“I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In),” Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
“North Side Gal,” JD McPherson
“Mountain Sound,” Of Monsters And Men
“They Never Did Know,” Treefight for Sunlight
“Ms. Hospital Corners,” The Envy Corps
“Your Love (All That I’m Missing),” JD McPherson
“The Tourist,” Sarah Jarosz

Show Notes for 4/22/12:
Aw, Secret Service, Why You Gotta Come In Here And Sing About Prostitutes To The Children?
Roger Goodell Delivers Ultimatum To Dysfunctional Minnesota Government
North Korea Has A Website
By The Way, The NSA Has All Your Email In An Archive
Leftover SuperPAC Money Is Scrupulously Tracked… Just Kidding, There’s No Oversight Or Accountability
USA Today Reporter Illegally Smeared By Government, Pentagon Doesn’t Know Anything About it, Obviously
Oh By The Way, Starting In 2015 Your Car Will Be Recording Its Movements
Is Anyone Surprised The Congresspeople Writing The New And Dangerous Cybersecurity Law Can’t Secure Their Own Websites?
President Proposes Good, Popular Thing That Will Never Survive The Legislative Process
Elitist Prejudiced Conservative Congresswoman Says Horrible Thing That Congressional GOP Is All Thinking
Rep. Virginia Foxx Not Trying To Minimize Mathew Shepard’s Beating And Dragging By Two Homophobes Or Anything
Tuition At University Of Texas When Virginia Foxx Was In College: $50 Tuition Now: $Thousands
Rep. Foxx Only Wants You To Go To Duke If You’re Rich; Duke Agrees
Foundation Appears To Circumvent Wikileaks’s Banking Blockade
Illegal US Police Tactics Hit Snag When Confronted With Judge Who Actually Gives A Shit About The Rules
Hey, That Guy From The 1800s Has 80s Hair
Who Doesn’t Love A Little Hot Naked Sex? I’ll Tell You Whom.
“We Didn’t Want It To Become A Political Event Of Any Kind.” (Get it?)
CU Spends $150,000 On Distraction Headlined By Musician Who Embezzled From His Own Haiti Charity, Less Than 1,000 People Attend
CU Officials: 4/20 Crackdown “Worked”
Lawyer Steps In To Allow Public Access To Public, Taxpayer-Funded Space
Big Brother In The Schools? It’s Not Who You Think, But Yes
Welcome To Florida, Where Knowing Too Much Is Wrong
Doug Stanhope – Sodomy is ecofriendly
Doug Stanhope – The cure for the Royal Wedding

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