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Untitled 1 Show #039: My Little KONY 2012

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The makers of KONY 2012 posing with Sudanese soldiers and some big guns.  Aren't they TOUGH?

Download Episode 039 here (right-click and click Save…) or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 3/10/12: “Start The Revolution Without Me,” Kaiser Chiefs

Music for 3/10/12:
“Little Talks,” Of Monsters And Men
“On The Run,” Kaiser Chiefs
“We Are Young,” fun.
“Something About The Fire,” Adele vs. Daft Punk (Carlos Serrano Mix)
“When All Is Quiet,” Kaiser Chiefs
“Honolulu Blues,” Craig Finn
“Friends Of Friends,” Hospitality

Show Notes for 3/10/12:
A Poorly Researched Article On Vice.Com About Joseph Kony With Pictures Worth 1,000 Words
Maybe Invisible Children Isn’t So Awesome After All
Here’s A Charity Deserving Of Your Hard-Earned Dollars That Isn’t A Bunch Of Douchey American Filmmakers
Image Gallery: The Webcams That Watched Russia’s Parliamentary Elections
Russia’s Election Likely A Sham
Russia’s Parliamentary Election Likely A Sham, Too
In Chechnya, People Were So Excited To Vote For Putin That Many Did Twice, Apparently
Canada’s Leading Conservative On Illegal Conservative Robocalls: ‘Everybody’ Needs To Knock It Off, Nobody Should Be Punished
Canadian Conservatives Demand Liberal Phone Records But Won’t Release Their Own
Students Easily Hack DC Election Electronic Voting System
“admin/admin” Is Not A Safe Login/Password For Administrative Control Of Election Systems
Obama Keeps US Citizens Out Of Military Brigs, Can Still Have Them Killed
LulzSec Leader Was Doing It For The Lulz FBI
The Video The TSA Doesn’t Want You To See Is Somewhat Outdated
Pat Robertson, Irrelevant Bigot, Doesn’t Care If You Smoke The Dank
The War On Drugs Is Very Profitable For Lobbyists And Police Departments
Young People’s Wages Go Down, Executive Pay Still Rising
Ice Cube Ruins Everyone’s Fun

Virgina Signs Less Rapey Version Of Abortion Law
Wisconsin – Single Childless Legislator Has Strong Opinions On Who Should Be Raising Children, Wants To Codify Them Into Law
Texas – D(‘oh)rones!
New York – A Condom In Hand Is Worth A Jailin’
New Jersey – Hero Senator Goes Undercover As Hobo
Florida – You May Finally Dye Your Pets Weird Colors
Florida – Rick Scott, Still A Dick


Written by Dusty

03/10/2012 at 11:53 AM

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