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Untitled 1 Show #037: Book of Mormon

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If you were looking for the hit musical Book of Mormon, well... it's not here.

Download Episode 037 here (right-click and select Save Link As…) or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 2/19/12: “Bite Marked Heart,” Brother Ali (Download this EP here)

Music for 2/19/12:
“Backseat,” Staygold ft. Robin, Spank Rock, & Damien Adore
“I’ll Be Around,” Brother Ali ft. Phonte & Stokley Williams
“Summer Sun,” Calamity & The Owl
“I’ve Been Fighting For You,” American Royalty
“Can’t Take Take Take,” Twin Berlin
“Jenny Greenteeth,” Calamity & The Owl
“Bite Marked Heart,” Brother Ali
“The Malkin Jewel,” The Mars Volta

Show Notes for 2/19/12:
Magic Underwear
Bubble “Porn”
Why are there so many Mexican Mormons?
Posthumous Baptism, or Mormons Want You To Go To Mormon Heaven (Too?)
To Mormons’ Dismay, Elie Wiesel Lives To Be Posthumously Baptized By Mormons Another Day
To The Abortionplex!
MPAA: Ripping DVDs Shouldn’t Be Allowed Because It Takes Away Our Ability To Charge You Multiple Times For The Same Content
Annonymous hacks into FBI/UK conference call on Annoymous
Russian Anonymous Exposes Pro-Putin Youth Group, Goes Full Godwin On Them
White House Declines To Comment On Petition Calling To Investigate MPAA CEO For Bribing Politicians
“I thought the mission of the Army, and the Navy, and four services was to defend and protect us, not the people who were fighting the war.”
Ladies now …sort of allowed to fight? Kinda? Bit grey. Might want to dye the roots
Stuff We Talked About Twice file: Senate passes Ban on Insider Training
SecDef Panetta Believes Israel May Strike Iran This Spring
Haaretz: “Panetta: Iran 1 Year Away From A Nuke”
Obama: US Working In “Lockstep” With Israel On Iran
The Internet rewards bravery, machete wounds
Iranian Filmmaker, Banned From Making Films For 20 Years, Makes Film On iPhone, Stores It On USB Key, Bakes It Into Cake, Releases It Globally
I’m In Your Encrypted Packets, Making Them Undetectable
Help People In Iran Get On The Internet Right Now
Alabama: Raising Teacher Pay is Against God!
Oklahoma – Every sperm is sacred
Oklahoma News Story
The Week in Destroying Marriage – Illinois
Texas may run out of killer drugs
The Week in Destroying Marriage – Illinois
The Week in Destroying Marriage – Maryland
The Week in Destroying Marriage – New Jersey
The Week in Destroying Marriage – New Jersey: Gov Christie Vetoes Gay Marriage Bill
The Week in Destroying Marriage – Washington State
Arizona – Still fucking that chicken


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02/23/2012 at 12:33 PM

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