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Untitled 1 Show #036: Take With Food Or Milk

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We have a drug for that.

Download Episode 036 here or click Play to listen above!
Featured Album/Artist for 1/29/12: “A Gentle Reminder,” The Jealous Sound

Music for 1/29/12:
“Gimme Some Motivation,” Delta Spirit
“This Is Where It Starts,” The Jealous Sound
“Steve McQueen,” M83
“Thirteen Thirtyfive,” Dillon
“Here Comes The Ride,” The Jealous Sound
“Seventeen,” Ladytron
“You’re Not Alone,” The Sexy Accident

Show Notes for 1/29/12:
Kids Can’t Brain Today Without Wikipedia
Sponsors Of SOPA/PROTECT IP Lie About It Some More
SOPA is dead
UFC site gets hacked over SOPA support
Chris Dodd Is A Pompous Ass
Feds Prove They Don’t Need SOPA/PIPA To Fuck Shit Up
The gory Megaupload details
Dan Bull raps about SOPA
Now that SOPA is gone, let’s talk about other laws that’ll wreck your Internet
Julian Assange’s Interview With Rolling Stone
The Latest Congressman To Get A Sweet Job Lobbying For An Industry He Used To Regulate
Supreme Court Rules That Public Domain Is Not Really Public Or A Domain. Discuss Amongst Yourselves.
Newt Gingrich, Dictator
Now Might Be A Good Time To Encrypt Your Hard Drives
US Congress Determined To Undo The One Thing It Sort Of Did
David Brooks Is A Hack And A Douchebag
Russia Accuses USA Of Shooting Down Spy Satellite
US Agrees To Develop Global Space Code Of Conduct In Light Of Russian Mars Probe They May Have Shot Down
Google’s Super Fast Fiber Project Delayed By Local Idiots
So you were sexually harassed? Clearly you’re a terrorist
Obligatory dead are rising and voting Republican
Rand Paul Doesn’t Trust The Nude-Nuker 9000
Church bans Girl Scouts. Won’t someone please think of the Thin Mints?
What’s so crazy about peace, love, and weed in liquor stores?
Kansas slashes food aid for children of illegal immigrants
With this new Ark theme park, we won’t need education anyway!
TV station covers Ohio bribery trial with puppets
VIDEO: Puppets In Our Courtrooms
Fetus chilli for ALL!!!


Written by Dusty

01/29/2012 at 3:25 PM

2 Responses

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  1. Thanks for playing our new tune! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the David Brooks rant! Muddling the principle of honest disclosure in politics with being “financially undressed in public” is patently absurd. Brooks is a NY Elite laying the predicate for Romney never revealing his Hedge Fund role in dismantling American operations and firing American workers – not to mention evading his fair share of American income taxes. Nice how those Swiss & Cayman accounts have worked out for you, Mitt. He’s just another big corporate fraudster trying to nudge his way to the top!


    02/02/2012 at 7:31 AM

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