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Untitled 1 Show #035: Put Your Fists Up

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Wrinkled flags are bad for democracy!

Download Episode 035 here or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 1/19/12: “Songs Of The Ungrateful Living Web,” Everlast

Music for 1/19/12:
“I Get By,” Everlast
“Feels Good,” Hard-Fi
“Don’t Wait,” The Duke Spirit
“Gospel Plow,” Charlie Parr
“The Rain,” Everlast
“Telling Ghosts,” Puscifer
“Puts Me To Work,” Cate La Bon

Show Notes for 1/19/12:
Norwegia– er– Norway Ran Out Of Butter
Of Course Russian People Tried To Smuggle Some
America Is Running Out Of Orange Juice
America Is Running Out Of Adderall
America Is Running Out Of Excedrin
Denver Is Running Out Of Broncos Jerseys
GOP asking Reid to cancel vote on PIPA
Engaging In Hostilities Against The US Government? That’s A Citizenship Revocation
DNS provision removed from SOPA
What’s illegal about filming yourself while doing the whole voting fraud thing?
Press 1 To Speak To A Convicted Fel— Er, Representative
Agenda 21 Conference Kicks Ball Down Hotter, Dustier Road
Ron Paul is tired of CNN smearing him; CNN is not tired of smearing Ron Paul
It’s not the cupcake that is a threat to national security, but the frosting
The 10th Circuit Court apparently WANTS Sharia Law to take over America
Rick Santorum clip on pre-existing conditions
When is nudity not obscene? Oh…you mean like in our court room
Free to Fist You and Me
North Dakota – Legendary
Indiana Lords Prayer
Pardon Me?
Wisconsin is NOT Africa. Probably
Pennsylvania – Where the teachers work for free!


Written by Dusty

01/19/2012 at 4:40 AM

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