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Untitled 1 Show #034: Cake-Gate

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Download Episode 034 here or click Play to listen above!

Entrants into the Book of Givers for 1/10/12:
Anders Norstebon

Featured Album/Artist for 1/10/12: “Synchronize,” Solid Gold

Music for 1/10/12:
“Like a Shotgun,” Mighty Mighty Bosstones
“One In A Million,” Solid Gold
“By Your Hand,” Los Campesinos
“Bill Hicks,” The Foxes
“Danger Zone,” Solid Gold
“The Daily Mail,” Radiohead
“Writer’s Block,” Brother Ali

Show Notes for 1/10/12:
Obama Signs Away 4th Amendment, Promises He Won’t Use New Illegal Power
Mitt Romney Pays Basically No Taxes On His $200,000,000 Fortune
Japanese-American Man Who Was Jailed For Protesting WW2 Japanese Internment Camps Dies
In 50 Years, This Will Be The Constitution
DOD to Bradley Manning: 48 Witnesses? NO, BRADLEY MANNING. NOT YOURS
Feds Use Secret Evidence, Secret Court Procedure In Copyright Case Handled By Incompetent Attorney
Two Congressional Staffers Who Helped Write SOPA and PROTECT IP Are Now Lobbyists For The Movie Industry. Is Anyone Even Paying Attention Any More?
As If There Weren’t Enough Weddings In Hawaii And Delaware Already
Of Course The FBI Is Using Carrier IQ Data, But Damned If You’ll Ever Figure Out How (Before They Break Down Your Door)
The Newest Way To Deal With Peaceful Protestors: Shoot Them With Giant Lasers
Ha Ha Birther Fail
Cooking Meth Inside A Wal-Mart? You Better Believe That’s A Jailin’
Hasbro Says “Nah, Brah” To Bronies
They Seriously Fucking Wrote A Headline Calling This Cake-Gate
Another Day, Another Family Values Republican Outed
Scott Walker’s Recall Proceeds At Breakneck Pace
You Know You’re Doing A Great Job Beating Your 19-Year-Old Autistic Son When You Leave Shoelace Prints On His Chest
The Separation Of Church And State Doesn’t Involve Christians, Obviously
Sheriff Joe Receives Wrist-Slap From DHS, Will Continue Ignoring Rampant Crime Because He Hates Brown People


Written by Dusty

01/10/2012 at 1:38 PM

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