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Untitled 1 Show #033: Illuminati Harder

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The secret society do exist!

Download Episode 033 here or click Play to listen above!

Featured Albums/Artists for 12/10/11: “Year Zero,” Nine Inch Nails & “We Choose To Go To The Moon,” Revolution, I Love You

Music for 12/10/11:
“Immigrant Song,” Trent Reznor ft. Karen O
“Good Soldier,” Nine Inch Nails
“Between The Cheats,” Amy Winehouse
“Dry Your Eyes, Kid,” Revolution, I Love You
“Capitol G,” Nine Inch Nails
“Monacle City,” Balloon Ride Fantasy
“Ashes & Fire,” Ryan Adams
“All My Asshole Friends,” Hotel Lights
“Anthem Underground,” Revolution, I Love You
“Cicadas And Gulls,” Feist

Show Notes for 12/10/11:
33: Not Just For Walt Disney’s Secret Restaurant Any More
WTC 7 (Still) Won’t Go Away
9/11 “Truth”
Popular Mechanics Debunks Much Of The “Evidence” For 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
Agenda 21…
…or, How The UN Is Going To Usher In The New World Order With Environmental Regulations
Agenda 21 Is Going To Kill Us All
HAARP, the Earthquake Machine, Haiti, And You
Somehow, The Bilderberg Group Has A Wikipedia Page
Conspiracy Theorist: 86 33, our 20 Should Be The 39 In The Bilderberg Group
And Here’s Gov. Jesse Ventura
Of Course Obama Is A Puppet Of The Bilderberg Group
David Sirota Wonders Aloud Why Nobody Is Investigating Wall Street
It’s Because They’re Too Busy Investigating People On Food Stamps
President Gives Nice Speech, Then Returns To Cutting Taxes, Fighting Wars, And Surveilling Us Without Oversight. Bush? Think Again
$100,000 Is A Small Price To Pay To Destroy Emails From When You Were Governor Of MA, Especially If Taxpayers Foot The Bill
Where’s The Vote Fraud Squad When You Need Them? Oh, Right, They’re Defrauding Black Voters
Shorter GOP: Rather Than Change Our Odious Policies, We’ll Just Make Sure Democrats Can’t Vote
NH GOPer Doesn’t Know What Democracy Is
White House To Veto Outrageous Defense Authorization Bill
Investing In Lobbyists Pays Off In Tax Breaks: A Chart
Gov. Rod Blagojevich Will Have To Delay His Book Tour By About 14 Years
That’s An Interesting Name For A Caucasian, Mr. Nguyen
The DEA Launders Money For Mexican Drug Cartels, War On Drugs Now A Total Farce
BP, Halliburton Racing To Out-Douche Each Other
Lipitor Patent Expires; Pfizer Will Take Down The Whole Generic Drug Industry To Protect Its Profits
Mumia No Longer On Death Row, Still Not Free
If You’re In Jail In The Jail Named After You, You’re Doing It So, So Wrong
Green Is The New Red Menace
Rick Scott Least Popular Governor In America, Still A Dick
Alabama Has Something Against Foreign Auto Executives; Another One Arrested This Week During Drivers License Checkpoint
Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law Is Positively Kafka-esque
Sheriff Joe’s Sex Crime Chickens Coming Home To Roost
Sheriff Joe to Rep. Raul Grijalva: NO U


Written by Dusty

12/11/2011 at 12:40 PM

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