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Untitled 1 Show #031: Lightning Round

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No pithy alt text this week; obvious puns are all we can afford.

Download Episode 031 here or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 11/22/2011: “No Kings,” Doomtree Collective

Music for 11/22/2011:
“If There Ever Was A Time,” Third Eye Blind
“Bolt Cutter,” Doomtree Collective
“Don’t Move,” Phantogram
“The End,” The Lower 48
“Beacon,” Doomtree
“Call It Off,” Tegan and Sara
“Hey Mister,” Magic Machines

Show Notes for 11/22/2011:

(This page has been fixed so links will open in a new window. Now you can listen to the show via the audio player on this page and follow along in the show notes without stopping the show! – D)

DHS Helping Cities Deal With Scourge Of People Sitting In Parks
Shorther NY Deputy Mayor: Shut Up, Slaves, And Stop Asking All These Questions About Police Actions
NY Mayor Bloomberg Burns OWS Library Containing His Own Book, Irony Working Overtime
CA Cops Get A Paid Vacation Under Investigation For Pepper Spray Use On Protesters
UC-Davis Chancellor Taking Home $500,000 A Year In Salary And Benefits While Tuition Quadruples In Ten Years
Militarized Police Apparently Can’t Be Used Against Real Crimes, Only Peaceful Protesters
Lone Wolf Terror Suspect Arrested In NY
Super Congress Super Committee Super Falls On Its Super Face
US Registrar Of Copyrights: We Need SOPA More Than We Need An Internet That Isn’t Fundamentally Broken
Google, Twitter, Other Internet Companies Take Out Full-Page Newspaper Ad To Protest SOPA; Irony Needs A Vacation
SOPA Is Terrible. Call Your Congresshole.
Free Labor Lets You Make Millions, Discovers NCAA
Penn State And Second Mile Are Closer Than Joe Sandusky And A Young Boy In The Shower
Ancient Man Is Ill
Second Mile File Pile Has Been Missing For A While
Judge Declares 4th Amendment Not Dead After All; Bring On The Secret Evidence Overturning His Ruling!
Newt Gingrich: Kids Should Be Working For Minimum Wage In Their Schools Instead Of Learning In Them
Is Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia A Rapist? We Report, You Decide
Oh No, I Never Should Have Eaten All That Radioactive Produce, A Ha Ha Ha Ha… Hellooooo…
Nothing Says I Love You Like A Burning Cross In The Yard
AZ Latinos Registering To Vote, Sick Of Being National Punchline
CA Rep: Enough With The Gore And Porn On Facebook! Facebook: No Shit, Sherlock, We’re Trying As Hard As We Can
MI Meals On Wheels Now Prison Food So County Exec’s Friends Can Take Six-Figure Paychecks
New Mexico Switches Banks, Gets Free Toaster
Why Does The South Hate German People So Much?
Michelle Bachmann Smarter Than Sean Hannity, Both > Tebow
IRS More Popular Than Congress, Spinach
WI Latest State To Introduce Personhood Amendment That Will Surely Fail, Wasting Everyone’s Time And Money
Feds: Two Chicago Cops Were Actually Working For Latin Kings, A Well-Known Violent Gang
WI Gov. Walker Wakes Up With 20,000 People On His Neighbor’s Lawn Who Want Him Out Of The Governor’s Mansion


Written by Dusty

11/22/2011 at 8:39 PM

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