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Untitled 1 Show #029: All Other Problems Are Solved

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I'll do it to you, and a few of your crew!

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Featured Album/Artist for 11/7/11: “The Foreign Resort,” The Foreign Resort

Music for 11/7/11:
“Break Loose,” Gramatik
“Colleen,” The Foreign Resort
“Pumped Up Kicks,” Foster The People
“I’m Not Evil,” Alcoholic Faith Mission
“Take A Walk,” The Foreign Resort
“Everybody Pays,” Big Harp
“Dr. Bill,” 13ghosts

Show Notes for 11/7/11:
Congress Makes The Most Of Its Nine November Workdays
MarketWatch Columnist Disproves Own Relevance
USBank President: Everybody’s Cheating, Get Over It
Gee, I Don’t Know, Should We Trust Bank Of America To Not Screw Around With Taxpayer Dollars?
A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Foreclosure Lawsuits
We Are The 15% (Of Americans Who Rely On Food Stamps)
Hate Group Family Research Council Gives Pro-Family Award To Deadbeat Who Owes $100,000 In Child Support Rep. Joe Walsh
The Only Stupid Questions Are Ones Not Asked, And This One
Justin Bieber Needs To Know His Role And Stop Complaining About Laws He Doesn’t Understand (But Wouldn’t Like If He Did)
Prescription Painkiller Overdose Now Killing More People Than Coke And Heroin Combined; Marijuana Still Hasn’t Killed Anyone, Is Still Illegal
The FBI Is Very Concerned About Juggalos
The FBI Is Not At All Concerned About People Who Bomb Clinics And Kill Doctors
What Is A Juggalo? Consult The Book Of Urban Knowledge!
Protesting Drone Attacks In Your Hometown? That’s A Dronin’
Legally Manufacturing DVDs Is Not A Crime, But The Cops Sure Make It Seem Like It Is
Buying Files With DRM? Don’t Expect To Be Able To Use Them When Something Happens To The Company
XKCD: Steal This Comic
Judge William Adams, Rageaholic Douchebag
Judge Adams: It’s Not As Bad As It Looks On Tape When I’m Beating My Teenage Daughter
No Charges To Be Filed In Adams Case
A Controversy Over A Hindu Ground Blessing In Kentucky
Mississippi Demands Personhood Amendment, More Unintended Negative Consequences
You’d Think $80,000,000 Would Be Enough To Create More Than Nine Jobs, But In This Case, You’d Be Wrong
What The Hell Is Wrong With People?
No, Seriously, What The Hell Is Wrong With People?
The Michigan License To Bully Law
You Can Only Call A Kid A Fag And Push Him Around If You’re Doing For Religious Reasons. No, Seriously.
Fracking Causes Earthquakes, But Oil Companies Need Record Profits Today
Turkish Judge: That 13-Year-Old Girl Was Totally Consenting When She Was Gang-Raped By 23 Dudes
We Literally Can’t Go Three Weeks Without Another Potentially Innocent Man Being Executed
Bank Of America Will Find Another Way To Pick Your Pocket Later, You Just Got Lucky This Time, Bitch
Thank You For Drinking That Radioactive Water. Radioactive? Oh My, No!
Okay, This Is Another Stupid Question Only Idiots Were Asking
Seer Peers Into Multiverse, Keeps Visions Mostly To Himself
Georgia College: No Homos, Bro


Written by Dusty

11/07/2011 at 8:33 PM

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