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Untitled 1 Show #028: Qadhafi Dies

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Qadhafi's "42-year leadership prior to the uprising made him the fourth longest-serving non-royal leader since 1900, as well as the longest-serving Arab leader.[7] "

Download Episode 028 here or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 10/28/11: “How Do You Do,” Mayer Hawthorne

Music for 10/28/11:
“The Walk,” Mayer Hawthorne
“Blue Sky,” Jeremy Messersmith (soundcloud link)
“Finally Falling,” Mayer Hawthorne
“Take Your Mama,” Scissor Sisters
“Hooked,” Mayer Hawthorne
“The Big Empty,” The Belle Comedians
“Going and Going. And Going,” Icebird

Show Notes for 10/28/11:
All Good Dictators Must Come To An End
National Transitional Council Outlines Plan For Democratic Elections
Help! Sharia Law!
Pompous Asshole Says Pompous Thing An Asshole Would Say
Economic Injustice: A Slideshow
Help Organize An Occupy Rally? That’s A Firin’ … from NPR?
Scott Olsen, Emotional Lightning Rod
Occupy Oakland Returns
Hooray For Little Brother: Police Attack Caught On Tape
Mayor (Wisely) Refuses To Escalate Situation
You’ll Never Guess Where This Warrant Is
PROTECT IP’s House Cousin, The E-PARASITES/SOPA Act, Would Break The Internet
E-PARASITES Sponsor Against Regulation On Monday, Then For It On Tuesday
300,000 Spanish Mothers: “Where’s my new baby?” Catholic Church (lying): “Your baby is dead.”
The Catholic Church Doesn’t Have The Best Record On Children
From The Agency That Brought You Take Your Shoes Off And Throw Away Your Soda, It’s Random Truck And Bus Searches On Tennessee Highways
The Terrorists Must Be On Our Streets Already
There Is An Unappealing Photo Behind This Link
What The Hell Is Wrong With People These Days
I’m Sorry I Said Those Whores Should Act Like Whores, Says NJ Candidate
Two Meals A Day On Weekends Is Good Enough For Texas Inmates, Says Texas
Nobody Wants To Do The Hardest Job For The Smallest Possible Amount Of Money
Judge Halts Unconstitutional Taxpayer Extortion Welfare Drug Testing In Florida
Because When It Comes To Useless Toys For The Military, We Can Always Afford To Waste $24,000,000,000
Now You Can Easily Encrypt Your Google Searches
Sepp Blatter: Corrupt Douchebag Or Indestructible Robot?
If You Were A Cop, Wouldn’t You Taser Everybody, Too?
Being A Cop Is Less Fun After Everyone Finds Out Your Department Was Corrupt As Hell
Anonymous Goes After Pedobear, Chris Hansen Waits In The Kitchen
There’s Never Really A Good Time To Be Poor, Black, Or Muslim
IOKIYAR, Nothing To See Here, Move Along
Fake Maple Syrup? That’s A Felony
Things You Can (But Shouldn’t) Do With A Pringles Can


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10/29/2011 at 7:35 PM

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