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Untitled 1 Show #027: Spontaneous Pimp Slap

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Chicken... gave me a bad coupon....

Download Episode 027 here or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 10/15/11: “Castor, The Twin,” Dessa

Music for 10/15/11:
“Panic Attack,” Atmosphere
“Dixon’s Girl,” Dessa
“For A Minute Of Your Time,” The Evan Anthem
“Medicine,” We Were Promised Jetpacks
“551,” Dessa
“Lost in the Supermarket,” Ben Folds
“The Ills,” Mayer Hawthorne & The Country

Show Notes for 10/15/11:
We Are The 53%, And By That We Mean We Are The 1% Here To Confuse The Issue
Koch Industries Doing Illegal Business With Iran, But It’s Not Illegal Because Globalization
Inside The Incredibly Asinine Assassination Plot Allegedly Attempted By A Car Salesman And A Mexican Drug Cartel
Monster Cable Wants To Sell You $100 HDMI Cables, Doesn’t Want You To Find Out They’re Worth About $5
Wikileaks Volunteer Is Subject Of Secret Surveillance Order
DOJ: Give us this data. Google: Ok, sure.
And Now, Pre-Crime Detection Machines, Brought To You By The Same Cabinet Department That Brought You The TSA
The Office Phone Number Of The Spokesman For The Dept Of Homeland Security Is Classified
NY Times Sues To Get Access To The FBI’s Secret Interpretation Of The Patriot Act
Because Who Cares About The First Amendment, I Mean, Really
Topeka, KS Tightening City’s Belt By Allowing Beatings With It
No, Seriously, It’s Okay To Beat Your Girlfriend In Topeka
Steven Seagal Makes It Official: He’ll Be Front-Kicking Mexicans Back To Mexico As A Deputy Of The U.S. Border Patrol
Rick Scott Thinks The Liberal Arts Are Useless
This Guy Doesn’t Look Like A Dwarf Tossing Enthusiast
This Picture Is Worth 1,000 LOLs
Operation Acoustic Kitty


Written by Dusty

10/16/2011 at 11:30 AM

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