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Untitled 1 Show #026: Occupy America

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We're here!  We're queer!  We don't want any more bears!

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Featured Album/Artist for 10/4/11: “Heartbeats and Brainwaves,” Electric Six

Music for 10/4/11:
“We’re Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance,” Sublime
“Hello! I See You,” Electric Six
“Romance,” Wild Flag
“How Come You Never Go There,” Feist
“Gangsta,” Tune-Yards
“Gridlock!” Electric Six
“Helplessness Blues,” Fleet Foxes

Show Notes for 10/4/11:
You Could Fire A Lot Of People For $80,000,000; Three To Be Exact
Governments Don’t Rule The World, Goldman Sachs Rules The World, Says Trader
Escalating Conflict At #OccupyWallStreet Protests
Cop Who Pepper-Sprayed Peaceful Protestors Currently Facing Charges For Attacking A Bystander During 2004 GOP Protests
NYPD: We Don’t See A Problem With Cops Spraying Protestors Who Are Just Standing There, Protesting
NYPD Blues
ACTA To Become A Treaty Executive Agreement Between Most Of The World
Copyright Industry Has A Lobbying Kiosk In The Senate’s Office Building
House Bill Would Make You Wave Goodbye To Dropbox
Chamber Of Commerce Is Really Phoning It In, Now
MPAA To Critics: Haw Haw!
73% Of Americans Support Policy That Probably Won’t Make It Through Congress
Netflix, Qwikster, And Why DVDs Are So 2000-And-Late
Because Sarcastic, Ironic Racism Is Somehow Better Than The Other Kinds
A Precious Photo Gallery Of The Racist Bake Sale
Texas White Guy On Death Row Ensures No More Black Guys On Texas’s Death Row Get A Last Meal
Food For Locals By Local Farmers: One Of Those Rare Good News Items
Fence Is Too Well-Ventilated To Function
Hey, The Fire Engine In This Adult Film Was At My House Last Week
One Less White Supremacist Jerk
This Week In Blaming The Victim

Written by Dusty

10/04/2011 at 12:50 PM

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  1. Most people in the Border Patrol thought that the fence idea was the dumbest thing anyone ever came up with. My extremely conservative father actually had a really long rant about it.


    10/08/2011 at 1:05 PM

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