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Untitled 1 Show Episode #025: Change Is Coming

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Download Episode #025 here or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 9/24/11: “Born Alone,” Wilco

Music for 9/24/11:
“Post-War Blues,” Dan Mangan
“I Might,” Wilco
“Iron City Jungles,” The Plastic Constellations
“Can You Find A Way?” The Rapture
“Born Alone,” Wilco
“Well of Love,” Mason Jennings
“Safe Travels (Don’t Die),” Lisa Hannigan

Show Notes for 9/24/11:
Professional Campaign Loser Takes Over HP
House Democrats Would Like Everyone To Vote To Stop ‘Citizens United’
If Your Biggest Competitor Thinks Your Merger Is A Great Idea, Maybe It’s Not
Facebook Changed A Little, Will Change Much More
Deeper Spotify Integration!
Deeper Netflix Integration! (But Not In The USA, Thanks MPAA)
Facebook Developers Blog: All About Timeline
Remember Color, The App That Was Supposed To Change The World Somehow? It’s Back And It’s Part Of Facebook
And To Keep It Light, Here’s Andy Samberg Impersonating Mark Zuckerberg At f8
Democracy Now Report: The Execution Of Troy Davis
Troy Davis May Have Been Innocent
7 Of 9 Non-Police Witnesses Recanted Their Stories After Davis’s Conviction
Stacey Campfield Watches Too Many Cop Dramas
Scott Gessler Thinks If You Didn’t Vote In An Off-Year Congressional Election, You Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Vote Period
Georgia Judge Loses His Mind, Then Eventually Later His Job
Teamsters: Rick Scott? He’s A Dick
We Are Citizen Radio (Well, We’re Not, But These Guys Are)
Santorum Asks For Google Douche, Google Says He’s Full Of Shit
Don’t Tell The GOP, But The ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Opened
OnStar Tracks And Sells Your Location Data — Even If You Cancel Your Plan


Written by Dusty

09/26/2011 at 4:58 PM

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