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Untitled 1 Show Episode #024: Media Blackout

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Don't let their identical DNA fool you.  They differ on some key issues.

Download Episode 024 here or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 9/18/11: “Yes And Also Yes,” Mike Doughty

Music for 9/18/11:
“Children’s Story,” Slick Rick
“Into The Un,” Mike Doughty
“Cruel,” St. Vincent
“Voodoo Child,” Rogue Traders
“Day By Day By,” Mike Doughty
“All Eyes On You,” Veronica Falls
“How’d You Like That?” The Kooks

Show Notes for 9/18/11:
Al Jazeera’s Coverage Of #OccupyWallStreet/#TakeWallStreet Protests Is Much Better Than America’s…
…See? I Told You So
The Big Six Media Companies
The Tea Party’s Desire For Tea Is Matched Only By Their Lust For Blood
The America Invents Act: Reform That Reforms Almost Nothing
More On The Patent Reform Law That Isn’t, Really
Former RIAA Lobbyist Is Now Judge Ruling On RIAA Infringement Cases
Everyone In America Would Buy 200 More DVDs Per Year If There Was No Piracy, Says Math-Challenged, Reality-Averse MPAA
Washington, D.C.: Where Good Ideas Go To Die Alone
Supreme Court Saves Texas Man From Texas Justice
Supreme Court: Being Black Is Not A Reason To Execute A Man
No Vaccine, No School
You’re Getting Bees
You’re All Getting Bees
PA State Sen. Wants English To Be PA’s Official Language
Florida Wants To Take Away Your Gun (Laws)
US Supreme Court To Rule In November If A Cop Can Leave A GPS Tracking Device On Your Car For Weeks Without A Warrant


Written by Dusty

09/19/2011 at 12:41 AM

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