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Untitled 1 Show #021: The Only Thing We’re Guilty Of

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Chris Brown is uniquely unpopular amongst the womenfolk.

Download Episode 021 here or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 8/20/2011: “What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?,” The Vaccines

Music for 8/20/2011:
“Comfort Eagle,” Cake
“Post Break-Up Sex,” The Vaccines
“Smoke And Mirrors,” Gotye
“Whiskey,” Prof
“A Lack of Understanding,” The Vaccines
“Forgiveness,” Girls
“Maybe I Missed The Point,” Jeff Bridges

Show Notes for 8/20/2011:
Tim Pawlenty Spent All The Money
Tim Pawlenty: Not A Fan Of Schools
Tim Pawlenty Pardons Serial Child Molester
That Guy Married The Girl He Was Molesting, And Then Went To Prison For Molesting The Daughter They Had Together
SEC To Investigate S&P Insider Trading That Probably Occurred Before US Credit Downgrade
If The SEC Doesn’t Destroy The Evidence For The Investigation First
“Strategic Ally” Pakistan Ignores CIA Pleas To Not Share Sensitive Photos With The Chinese
Anonymous Takes Down BART-Related Web Site In Protest Of #MuBARTak
Video Evidence That The Guy The Cops Killed Wasn’t A Danger To Them
Hair Wordhole: BART Riders Have No Right To Free Speech
On The Constitutionality Of Turning Off Cell Service
Long Beach PD: We Have No Guidelines For When To Detain Photographers
Pfizer Settles With Families Of Human Drug Testing Gone Wrong
Are You A Man With Breast Cancer? Medicaid Won’t Cover You
Rep. Darrell Issa, R-CA: Businessman Douchebag
Former VP At Goldman Sachs Now A Congressional Staffer Who Helps Regulate Goldman Sachs
“I Didn’t Change My Name So The Government Wouldn’t Find Out I Worked For Goldman Sachs,” Says Man
Americans Largely Unaware They’re Being Fleeced
Wisconsin’s Race War
I’m Not Gay, I Just Offer Money To Strange Young Men I Just Met On Craigslist For A Really Good Time
World’s Worst Person Sentenced To 26 Years In Prison
Drilling: Not Just For Oil Any More
You Can’t Have Sexy Adults Without Sexy Children
MDMA Remains Effective Treatment For PTSD
Is Your Car Too Efficient? Meet The Mileage Tax
Unemployed? We Won’t Hire You. No, Seriously


Written by Dusty

08/20/2011 at 5:54 PM

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