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Untitled 1 Show #019: The Letter And Spirit Of The Law

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Do you want to know the horrible truth, or do you want to see me sock a few dingers?

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Featured Album/Artist for 8/6/11: “Emperor’s Nightingale,” Stereo MCs

Music for 8/6/11:
“Connected,” Stereo MCs
“Phase Me,” Stereo MCs
“Flirted With You All My Life,” Cowboy Junkies
“I Can’t Decide,” Scissor Sisters
“A Long Time,” Mayer Hawthorne (see the video here)
“Manner,” Stereo MCs
“Na Na Nothing,” Mike Doughty (listen on soundcloud here)
“Levi Johnston’s Blues,” Ben Folds & Nick Hornby

Show Notes for 8/6/11:
Joe Biden: Negotiating With Republicans Like Negotiating With Terrorists, And The Debt Ceiling Was Their WMD
Nancy Pelosi: I Sure Wish We Had Done A Better Job With That Whole Debt Ceiling Thing
Republicans Shut Down FAA, Cost It $200 Million In Taxes Over $16.5 Million In Airport Subsidies… Oh, And The Chance To Bust The FAA Unions, Too
Eric Cantor: Of Course The Airlines Took The Tax Money For Themselves, That’s What Business Does
GOP: We Must Protect Tax Breaks For Corporate Jets, But Who Cares If We Pay The People Who Inspect Commercial Jets
Congress Is On Vacation, Except It’s Not
Patent Trolling And You
The Two Decisions From The 1990s That Set The Stage For Today’s Software Patent Cold War
Patent Trolling Is Only Bad When It’s Done To Banks
An Incredible NPR Planet Money Story About The Patent Mafia, 5,000 Identical Patents, 1,300 Shell Companies, And A Tiny Judicial District Home To Nearly All Patent Lawsuits
If A-Rod Was Playing Poker And Using Cocaine, What Might Happen To Him?: Sportswriters Around America Prognosticate
A Rare Opportunity To Write An Article Consisting Entirely Of Bad Puns And Dropped Names
Ignore This Terrifying Story About News Corp And CNN Flying Drones Illegally Over US Airspace, Go Read More About Whether Or Not A-Rod Might Have Played Poker And Used Cocaine
Don’t Read This Story About The FAA Investigating Whether News Corp Is Illegally Flying Drones Over US Airspace, Either
Our Media Would Never Misrepresent The Words Of A 4-Year-Old, Inner-City Black Boy, Would They?
W Spann LLC: A Company That Existed Purely To Donate $1,000,000 To Mitt Romney’s SuperPAC
But How Could We Have Known The Citizens United Decision Would Lead To Fake Corporations Donating Enormous Sums Of Money With No Accountability Or Disclosure Whatsoever?
Jobs For Iowa Is Running Ads For TX Gov. Rick Perry’s Nonexistent Presidential Campaign In Iowa
The Ad Says ‘No Deficit,’ But Really Means ‘$27 Billion Deficit’
Butthurt Tennessee Democrat Experiences The Real Meaning Of Disappoint-Mint
Priceless Video Of Florida’s Incredibly Unpopular Governor Getting An Earful From Constituents As He Pretends To Work At A Donut Shop, Because Jobs Or Something
WI Senate Candidate: Okay, I Admit It, I Compared America’s Schools To Nazi Germany
Drunk And Signing Seven Figure Contracts Is No Way To Go Through Life, Son
Tropical Day? No, It’s Wigger Day
Predominantly White School Doesn’t See What The Big Deal Is About Wigger Day
Race Relations Complex And Fraught With Hurt Feelings, More At 11
Nearly Crime-Free English Village Surrounds Itself With Cameras, To Catch… Other Cities’ Crime
As The Probe Widens
Church Official In Charge Of Child Protection Caught With Over 4,000 Child Pornography Images
IRS Changes Mind, No Tax Refunds For Passengers Who Bought Tickets After July 27th; Flying Public Merely A Source Of Dollars And Terrorism To Both Government And Airlines

Pentagon’s Multi-Million Dollar Lightning Gun Was A Piece Of Crap That Didn’t Work, So Somebody Put It On Ebay


Written by Dusty

08/06/2011 at 8:14 AM

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