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Untitled 1 Show #018: Sexy, Sexy Children

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Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhh!!!

Download Episode 018 here or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 7/30/11: “13 Chambers,” Wugazi (listen and download free here)

Music for 7/30/11:
“Ice Cream,” Battles ft. Matias Aguyao
“Sleep Rules Everything Around Me,” Wugazi
“Look At Me Now,” The Elected
“Can’t Keep Johnny Down,” They Might Be Giants
“Shame On Blue,” Wugazi
“All Around The World,” Theophilus London
“Fembot,” Robyn

Show Notes for 7/30/11:
Pell Grants Are Welfare And Should Be Abolished, Say Rich Powerful Old Men
An Exercise In Futility, Courtesy Of The Crazy People In The House GOP
If College Students And Poor People Can’t Vote, They Can’t Stop Us From Destroying Their Safety Net, Thinks GOP All Over America
Profile Of Norwegian Terrorist, Who Is Most Certainly Not A Middle Eastern Muslim
Norwegian Terrorist Shares Ideas With “Allies” In US Right Wing
Guns Don’t Cause Gun Crime, But They Sure Do Make It Easier
If You See Something That Looks Like A Gun On The Ground In Your Trailer Park, Maybe You Should Treat It Like A Gun
John McCain Is A Rank Political Opportunist, Also Reads The Wall Street Journal
The SEC: A CEO’s Favorite Regulator
America Hates Its Government, Loves Its Military
Court Rules That “Possible Spying” Is Not A Legitimate Harm
The Sex Offender Registry Is Out Of Control, Eating Our Children
Suspicious Man Photographing Children In Park Is Actually Grandpa Photographing Grandchild
We Don’t Normally Do Good News From Texas, But Here’s Some
The Great Planned Parenthood Mistake
You Can’t Register To Vote; Your Bank Account Was Not Active Enough
The Poll Tax Is Back In WI
The Roads In North Dakota Are Giving People Cancer
Truck Nutz Land A 65-Year-Old Woman In Court
Anti-Semitic Foreskin Man Releases Grip On San Francisco’s Shaft Government
Your ISP Is Going To Follow You Around The Internet And Record Your Every Move For At Least A Year, For The Children And To Fight Terrorism, Obviously
Herman Cain May Have Mis-Interpreted The Constitution He So Dearly Loves
Rep. Peter King (R-NY) Vs. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), Round 2


Written by Dusty

07/30/2011 at 2:41 AM

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