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Untitled 1 Show #017: Dinner At Club 33

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Club 33 was originally sponsored by 33 companies, including Bank of America, Monsanto, Coca-Cola, Douglas Aircraft, and General Electric.  The number 33 is also of great significance to Freemasons.

Download Episode 017 here or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist: “Bon Iver,” Bon Iver

Music for 7/23/11:
“All Us Authors,” Danananananykroyd
“Calgary,” Bon Iver
“Pressure Cracks,” Grieves
“(You’re So Square,) Baby, I Don’t Care,” Cee-Lo Green
“Heart of Gold,” Charles Bradley
“Towers,” Bon Iver
“Get It Daddy,” Sleeper Agent
“Oh Boy,!” She & Him
“News,” Norm MacDonald

Show Notes for 7/23/11:
NFL Owners Draw Up New Deal That Gives Them More Money, Vote Almost Unanimously In Favor Of It
Distraction Of The Week Month Summer Century Continues
Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tarded: Obama Wants Debt Ceiling Deal In Time For His Birthday Party
Fat Pill-Popping Spewhole: Obama Wants Debt Ceiling Deal In Time For Ramadan
FOX and Friends on News Of The World Hacking Scandal: Nothing To See Here, Move Along Already (With Bonus Lies And Deliberate Confusion)
Likely Political Assassination “Not Considered Suspicious”
A Picture Of Words Worth 1,000 More Words
SEC Funding Cut, Money That Could Have Protected Us From Bankers Given Back To Bankers
IMF Lends Greece Large Amounts Of Money, Which Are Then Given Directly To… Bankers
The World Will End And Global Markets Will Seize If The Debt Limit Isn’t Raised… In Italy?
When Your Story Doesn’t Add Up, Change Your Story. Nobody Understands Economics, Anyway
The Patriot Act Apparently Means The Government Can Track Your Location Via Your Phone All The Time, Without A Warrant
Government Lawyers Twist Themselves In Knots Explaining How The Doctor Convicted Of Mailing Anthrax Letters In 2001 Was Both Definitely Responsible And Maybe Not Responsible For Said Mailing
Court: TSA Should Have Asked Before Installing Rapeiscan Machines, But Now That They’re There, Who Cares
Here’s The Poorly-Trained, Ignorant Of The Rules TSA Threatening A Videographer In Baltimore
No More Naked Pictures For TSA Goons?
Shorter TSA: We Promise That Even Though You Can’t See The Pictures We Take, They Are Not Naked Or Revealing. Trust Us, When Have We Ever Lied To You?
Herman Cain, R-Pizza: We Can Ban Mosques In America Because I Said So, And Sharia Law
Appearing Thin, Single, And Neat Disqualifies Man From Donating Blood
Verizon: If You Want An Itemized Copy Of Your Bill, You’ll Have To Get A Lawyer And Subpoena Us For It
Gov. Rick Perry, R-Jesusland, Doesn’t Understand Math, Birth Rates, Or Sex Education In Texas
Rhode Island Town Tells Elderly Retired Policemen And Firefighters They Must Take A 50% Pension Cut And Be Happy About It
Kid Applying Bare Buttocks To Another Kid’s Face? That’s A Lifetime On The Sex Offender Registry
California Is Now The Anti-Tennessee
60 Warheads Stolen From Train In Romania
Wired Magazine Releases Unedited Adrian Lamo/Bradley Manning Chatlogs, Making Lamo and Wired Look Like Total Fucking Dicks
US Claims Right To ICE Foreigners In Other Countries Who May Be Unknowingly Violating US Law
Sen. Al Franken, D-SNL, Catches Focus On The Family Spokesman In Obvious Lie About The Nature Of Marriage
Dead Tree Books Are So 20th Century; So Is Borders Bookstore, Now
Another Picture Worth 1,000 Words: Obama’s Entire Governing Philosophy


Written by Dusty

07/23/2011 at 1:50 PM

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