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Untitled 1 Show #016: Booze Implications

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the Statue of Liberty is a French plot to turn us all into godless Communists!

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Featured Album/Artist: “Loud Planes Fly Low,” The Rosebuds

Music for 7/17/11:
“Where Not To Look For Freedom,” The Belle Brigade
“Without A Focus,” The Rosebuds
“Breakdance Beach,” Hail Mary Mallon
“King of Diamonds,” Motopony
“White Owl,” Josh Garrels
“I Can’t Make You Love Me,” Bon Iver
“Bizness,” tUnE-yArDs

Show Notes for 7/17/11:
Why One Guy Joined Google+
Google+: 10,000,000 Users By July 15
MG Siegler And The Creators Of Google+: A Love Story
Facebook Is Probably Looking Over Its Shoulder Right Now
Five Myths About The Debt Ceiling
Mitch McConnell Has A Plan: Let Obama Raise The Debt Ceiling Himself
Michelle Malkin Hates That Idea
The Heritage Foundation Hates That Idea
Grover Norquist Hates That Idea
It’s Time For Some Good Old Fashioned Political Gamesmanship
Boehner’s Spokesman: We Never Tried To Play Politics With The Debt Ceiling
Maine Senators Take Brave, Bold Stand That Is Neither Brave Nor Bold
Casey Anthony Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
News Of The World, 4,000 Phones, And The Victims of 9/11
Rupert Murdoch’s Unparalleled Access To British Politicians
While Fox News Smears Media Matters Multiple Times A Day For Weeks, News Corp Is Taking Tax Refunds From The US Taxpayer
Sen. Rockefeller Suggests Inquiry Into News Corp. Hacking In USA
Infographic: How Much Of Your Soul Does Rupert Murdoch Own?
ABC News Probes Bachmanns
Rep. Bachmann’s Husband Runs Clinic That Teaches Disproved, Pray-The-Gay-Away Therapy Techniques; Also Collects Government Money
Tim Pawlenty Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Environment And Choice
70% Of Guns Confiscated In Mexico in 2009-2010 Came From The USA
Rep. Darrell Issa: STFU About The Guns, I Don’t Want To Hear It And Neither Should Anyone Else
FL Gov. Rick Scott Will Not Be Taking Golden Showers At State Employees’ Expense
FL Gov. Rick Scott Wants You To Send A Form Letter To Your Newspaper Talking About How Great He Is
AZ Lawmaker Points Gun At Reporter
AZ Lawmaker Makes Gun-Crazed Citizens Look Like Gun-Crazed Idiots
Feel The Love: The MN Shutdown
MN Republicans Don’t Have A Plan, Other Than To Ruin The State’s Economy Until They Get Their Way
Miller-Coors Beers May Not Be Available In MN Soon
Cornholing, Blowing No Longer A Felony In Louisiana
North Dakota Fails At Statehood
Patent Trolling Is Only Bad When You Do It To Banks, Apparently
China Disappears A City From The Internet, Hoping Nobody Will Notice Its Citizens Are Rioting
People Of Houston Vote To Eliminate Red Light Cameras; Judge: SHUT UP, SLAVES
TSA Gangsters: Now Stripping You Of Your Rights And Your Property On Subways, Trucks, Ferries, Buses, AND Planes


Written by Dusty

07/16/2011 at 6:28 PM

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