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Untitled 1 Show #015: There Is Only Nyan-ing

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Featured Album/Artist for 6/18/11: “Beachcomber’s Windowsill,” Stornoway

Music for 6/18/11:
“Revolution,” Flogging Molly
“I Saw You Blink,” Stornoway
“A Chore,” Tom Vek
“In Silence,” Abandoned Pools
“Lover I Don’t Have To Love,” Bright Eyes
“Watching Birds,” Stornoway
“Pretty Lights vs. Radiohead vs. NIN,” Pretty Lights (find all of Pretty Lights’ music here)

Show Notes for 6/18/11:
Florida Man Escapes Jail For Killing Two People And Lying About It…
Perhaps Because The Defense Attorney Was The Judge’s Deputy Campaign Treasurer
Regulators Refuse To Review Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide…
Even Though This Study Shows Roundup Causes ‘Spontaneous Abortions’ In Animals
Hillary Clinton, Future World Bank President?
Staff Denies Clinton’s Economic Hitwoman Aspirations
NSA Waste Whistleblower Thomas Drake Innocent Of All Ten Original Charges
DOJ: What Do You Mean, Our Tortured Legal Logic Can’t Be Used To Bludgeon This Man With Felonies?
The Case Of Stephen Kim, Another Whistleblower Currently Being Persecuted By The Obama DOJ
The Case Of Bradley Manning, Another Whistelblower Currently Being Persecuted By The Obama DOJ
Leon Panetta Will Continue A Program That Would Let The U.S. Bomb Any Target In The World Within Minutes
[VIDEO] Leon Panetta Supports ‘Broad View’ Of Presidential War Powers
Sen. Ben Nelson Questions Leon Panetta About Afghanistan
Sen. Mark Udall Questions Leon Panetta About Puppies, Sunshine
Leon Panetta, Budget Cutter Extrodianaire (LOL)
CNN: Obama Administration Undergoes Huge Shakeup As Same People Take Slightly Different Jobs
Defamatory Billboard Lands Selfish Man In Court
If You Don’t Want To Be Accused Of Stalking Your Ex-Girlfriend With A Billboard, Maybe You Shouldn’t Name Your Organization Her First Name
Greg Fultz, Total Fucking Douchebag
Yahoo! News: We Read Internet Headlines And Write Sloppy Articles About Them
Let’s Fake Evict Black People In Detroit!
TSA Security Guard Steals $30,000 In Cash From Travelers, Bribes His Boss Into Letting Him Continue
Vicky Hartzler, Crazy Person Part 1
Rep. Hartzler: Gay Marriage Is Like Letting 3-Year-Olds Drive A Car
Rep. Hartzler: I Actually Mean It Would Be Like Letting 13-Year-Olds Drive A Car
Vicky Hartzler Unsurprisingly Most Anti-Gay Representative In Congress
“If something is considered detrimental to the positive moral tone of the school, it doesn’t necessarily have to happen inside the school [for us to get involved]”
This Show Is Illegal In Tennessee
How Can Dozens Of Educated Adults Possibly Agree That This Is A Good Idea?
Texas Day Of Prayer Sponsored By Governor, Hate Group
Rick Perry’s Prayerapalooza
Burbank Fire Departments And Libraries Facing Budget Cuts, While Golf Course May Get $2,000,000 Loan From City
Los Angeles Police Commission Turns Off Red Light Cameras, Privacy now 1 for 10,354,184 Vs Expanded Government Powers
Scott Walker Loves Jobs, If They’re Slave-Wage Jobs At Giant Corporations…
That Contribue To His Political Campaigns
Liberal Media Refuses To Take Down Truthful Ad That Conservatives Don’t Like Because It Makes Them Look Bad
Psychics in Texas Wrong About Everything
Sen. Schumer Is Not An Economist
Eric Cantor: Mark Sanford Can Cheat On His Wife, But Anthony Weiner Can’t Post Pictures Of His Underwear On Twitter
Utah Man Grossly Misinterprets New Coin Law


Written by Dusty

06/18/2011 at 3:14 PM

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