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Untitled 1 Show #012: I Have No Thoughts

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Ate your shoes, you say? I have no recollection of that...

Download Episode 012 here or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 5/28/11: “Holy Ghost!,” Holy Ghost!

Music for 5/28/11:
“Do It Again,” Holy Ghost!
“Work To Do,” Mayer Hawthorne (listen to/download the free EP here)
“Rumor Has It,” Adele
“Lament,” Mount Moriah
“Hold On,” Holy Ghost!
“Cradle,” The Joy Formidable
“The Globe,” Ben Sollee
“Street Walkin’,” Dan Auerbach

Show Notes for 5/28/11:
Members Of Congress Make A Lot More Money On Their Investments Than The Stupid Slaves
2004 Study: Senators Use Inside Information To Their Personal Trading Advantage
2011 Study: House Members Use Inside Information To Their Personal Trading Advantage
House Votes To Officially Rename U.S.A. To Gitmo Nation, 250-153
Eight ‘Brave’ Senators Wanted To Debate The Patriot Act And Its Amendments, But Didn’t…
Maybe Because The White House Vociferously Complained About Any Debate Or Democratic Process Regarding The Wholesale Surveillance Of US Citizens And Destruction Of Our Rights?
But It Doesn’t Really Matter, Because The Government Has Secret Interpretations Of All These Laws That Are Much Worse Than You Think, Says Oregon Senator
Al-Haramain v. Bush, Or: The Government Can Break Laws And Accidentally Reveal They Did, And Then Retroactively Make It All A Secret
CIA: Pretending To Drown KSM Over 150 Times Didn’t Help, We Found Bin Laden The Old Fashioned Way
John Edwards, Narcisisst
John Edwards, Asshole
Al Gonzales: Doesn’t Remember Anything, Wasn’t Responsible For Anything, Is Still A Total Douchebag
KS State Sen: “Women Should Prepare To Be Raped”
Animals In Shitty Zoos Are Cared For Better Than Humans In CA Jails
Justice Scalia Has A Very Cavalier Attitude Toward People In Jail, Watches Too Much Oz
VIDEO: California’s Overcrowded Jails
Even The Sketchy Poker Sites Are Under Attack From The DOJ
Busting Online Sportsbooks, Round 2: The Second Verse, Same As The First
If The Government Illegally Shuts Down Your Domain, You Are Not Allowed To Sue
No Money For Welfare In Kentucky, Maybe Because They Spent $43 Million On Tax Breaks For A Bible-Themed Amusement Park
Crazy Legislator Does Crazy Thing
The Only Solution Is More Guns For Everyone
Santa Fe School District Outsources Prom Patdowns To The TSA
VIDEO: KOB News Interview With Girl Groped By Prom Security
Score One For Democracy
Surly Wins Legislative Battle To Serve Beer In Hell
Texas: We Don’t Like What The TSA Is Doing: Feds: SHUT UP, SLAVES!
I Can’t Believe We’re Linking To The God Damn World Net Daily, But Here We Are


Written by Dusty

05/28/2011 at 2:29 PM

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