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Untitled 1 Show #011: 39.6° N, 107.2° W

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When the rapture/zombies come, you know where to find us.

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Featured Album/Artist for 5/21/11: “Rome,” Danger Mouse

Music for 5/21/11:
“Cancer for the Cure,” the Eels
“The Rose With A Broken Neck,” Danger Mouse
“Ready To Go Steady,” The Go! Team
“Sleep All Day,” The Rural Alberta Advantage
“Black,” Danger Mouse
“Wet,” Sean Rowe
“Shine,” Younger Brother
“My Water’s On Fire Tonight (The Fracking Song),” Studio 20 NYU

Show Notes for 5/21/11:
John Ensign: Liar, Cheater, Cover-Up Artist, Future Successful DC Lobbyist
Homeland Security Spends Money Like A Real Housewife Of New Jersey
The Full OSU Report On DHS’s Lack Of Accountability
For Every Dollar Spent On 9/11, The US Has Wasted $1,000,000
Afghanistan: Like Vietnam, But Longer, Costlier, And More Pointless
Two Idiot Extremists Entrapped By Police, World Now Safe From Terrorism
AP: FOIA us OBL pix ASAP kthxbye
Seal Team 6 Used Those Nifty Helmet-Cams
Why Someone Will Eventually Leak Nifty Helmet-Cam Footage
CIA Tapes Fake Video Of Osama Bin Laden Recounting Imagined Sexual Exploits With Teenage Boys
Koch Foundation Buys Veto Power Over Economics Department Faculty At Florida State University
Rick Santorum: John McCain Doesn’t Understand Torture
Rick Santorum: You Don’t Understand What I Meant When I Said That Stuff About John McCain
AT&T-Mobile Merger Probed By Senate Committee, Hearing Titled ‘Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again’
Facebook Secretly Hires PR Firm To Smear Google, Is Unaware Of Concept Of Irony
BMI: We Want To Be Paid Every Time You Listen To A Song You Already Bought
RIAA: The 4th Amendment Just Gets In The Way Of Us Using Law Enforcement To Invade CD Factories
Indiana Supreme Court: You Cannot Resist Unlawful Police Entry Into Your Home
The Internet Is Dangerous And Makes The Recording Industry Sad Act, Part 2: PROTECT IP
New Head Of Comcast/NBC Lobbying: An FCC Commissioner That Approved The Merger
32 Ounces Of Pot? That’s Life In Prison For You
Keeping Us Safe
TSA’s Enhanced Patdown Procedures Are Totally Friendly And Not Nerve-Wracking Or Demeaning Or Anything Like That
TSA Only Subjects 1.8 Million Passengers Per Month To Enhanced Patdowns, So You Slaves Should Just Shut Up About It Because That’s Hardly Any, Right
1968: Scientology Stalks Critical Reporter
2011: Scientology Stalks Critical Reporter
Paul Haggis, Ex-Scientologist
Hedge Fund Manager Guilty of 14 Felonies, Goes To Prison Thanks To Same US Attorney That Shut Down Online Poker
Hillary Clinton Not Man Enough To Be Seen In Photo
Texas: Helping The Neediest Among Us, And By That We Mean The Buyers of $250,000+ Yachts
Texas or Florida?
California, Where 1/3 Of State Parks Are Closed, But In-N-Out Is Always Open
Jay Cutler Gets No Respect


Written by Dusty

05/21/2011 at 3:50 PM

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