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Untitled 1 Show #010: Tenth Episode Tenth-Tacular

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Featured Album/Artist for 5/12/11: “Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2,” Beastie Boys

Music for 5/12/11:
“Money and Run,” UNKLE Ft. Nick Cave
“Make Some Noise,” Beastie Boys
“Coffee & TV,” Blur
“Eye In The Sky (Alan Parsons Project cover),” Gayngs
“Stay Awake,” Billie the Vision & The Dancer
“Ripple (Grateful Dead cover),” Built to Spill
“Nonstop Disco Powerpack,” Beastie Boys
“Radio Ga Ga,” Queen
“Flying On A Mexican Plane,” David Cross

Show Notes for 5/12/11:
Unprofitable, Unstable, Unsecure? That’s All U Need To Be Bought For $8.5 Billion By Microsoft
Bin Laden’s Dead! Quick, More Security At Playoff Basketball Games!
Media + Stupid Slaves = Bamboozlement
Climb Into This Machine To Find Out… Your Dress Size. Yeah. Your Dress Size, And Nothing Else*
Bin Laden Determined To Strike Rail Targets In United States
Sen. Schumer: Soon Riding A Train While Brown Will Be Equally Quasi-Criminal To Flying While Brown
Amendment To Keep Gitmo Prisoners In Gitmo And Out Of US Passes Senate 90-3; In The Morning, Gitmo Nation!
Democracy Now Briefly Mentions Massive Command And Intelligence Failures At Gitmo
More Dangerous Military Incompetence, Brought To You By Wikileaks
What Do An 86 Year Old Man, A 14 Year Old Boy, An Al-Jazeera Journalist, A Sharecropper, Wearers Of Cheap Casio Watches, Chinese Interrogators, And Russian Interrogators Have In Common?
Medicare Cuts, Budget Lies Prove To Be Unpopular (With Bonus Shut Up, Slave From Rep. Sean Duffy, R-WI)
Privatizing Medicare: A Bad Idea While It Lasted
A Drop In The Budget Bucket 1,200 Times Larger Than The Other Drop The GOP Is So Excited To Eliminate
NOLA Police Hopelessly Corrupt, Will Be Replaced By Obviously Not Corrupt Feds
Texas Man Forced To Pay Child Support While On Death Row For Crime He Didn’t Commit; State Garnishes His Speaking Fee From A University Appearance Where He Told The Story Of Being In Prison For 18 Years Because Of Prosecutorial Misconduct
State Department Wants To Know Everywhere You’ve Ever Lived
State Department Wants To Know Everywhere You’ve Ever Worked
TomTom Sells GPS Data To Dutch CopsCops; Cops Immediately Find Way to MonetizeMonetize
Crowdsourced Radiation Detection Project In Japan Offers More Questions Than Answers
I’m Afraid Of Americans
Taking Pictures On A Plane? That’s A Detention, Flight Cancellation
If You’re Looking For Me, I’ll Be In My Lab
Wikipedia: Zoophilia
Wikipedia: The Curiously Sad And Somewhat Distasteful Case Of Kenneth Pinyan
While Accusing Democrats And Immigrants Of Vote Fraud, WI GOP Engages In Petition-Signature Fraud
The Dogs Have Had It With Tennesee And Are Taking Over
We Must Constantly Think Of The Children, But Taking Pictures Of Them Should Be A Crime
RI GOP Rep: Our Legislature Accomplished A Lot For Gay Guatemalans Who Smoke Pot And Like To Gamble LOL
RI GOP Rep Busted With Marijuana, Foot In Mouth At DUI Stop
TX Gov.: Forget Science And Federal Money, All Texas Needs Is Rain Prayers


Written by Dusty

05/12/2011 at 4:01 PM

Posted in episodes, news

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