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Untitled 1 Show #009: Crescent Fresh

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Download Episode 009 here or click Play to listen above!

Featured Album/Artist for 5/3/11: “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” Phoenix

Music for 5/3/11:
“United States of Whatever,” Sifl & Olly
“1901,” Phoenix
“You Are A Tourist,” Death Cab for Cutie
“What I Do To You,” Brother Ali
“Eet (live in London),” Regina Spektor
“Rome,” Phoenix
“The Bartenders,” Blueprint ft. Zero Star
“The Butcher,” Radiohead

Show Notes for 5/3/11:

Apple is not tracking your GPS coordinates
Sen. Al Franken: My Staff Showed Me This Article, I Read The Headline, Am Furious, And Demand Answers
Android Phones Cache Cell Tower Data, Too
BP Continues To Get Federal Contracts While Under Federal Investigation
In Totally Unrelated News, GOP Leadership And Reps Get Thousands Of Dollars In Campaign Contributions From BP
If I Can’t See The Oil Or All The Dead Dolphins, They Must Not Exist
4/20 Is Never A Slow News Day
Rep. Sean Duffy: It’s Not A Voucher, It’s Money From The Government For You To Use On One Specific Thing
All Other Problems Being Solved, The Senate Wants The DOJ To Prosecute The Makers Of Pornography
Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Children Every Moment Of Every Day Until The Heat Death Of The Universe?
Jon Kyl Amends Congressional Record To Delete His Planned Parenthood Gaffe
Being A Senator Means Never Having To Be Responsible For Things You Say On The Floor Of The Senate
S&P, Lying Liars, Make Political Hay With US Bond Rating
Obama Hates Political Hay When He’s Not Making It
The Dollar Is Falling Out Of Favor
Lee Farkas, Busted Mortgage Fraudster
Taylor Bean Whitaker Were Cheating Bastards
Angry Reports From Inside TBW
Farkas, after $3 billion in fraud, countless home foreclosures, and the 6th-largest bank collapse in American history: “I don’t think I committed any crimes”
Skynet has destroyed/is destroying/will destroy us all
Sugar has destroyed/is destroying/will destroy us all (NY Times article, possibly paywalled)
Napster has destroyed/is destroying/will destroy us all (hilarious graphs, must read)
Climate Disruption Creates Invisible, Nonexistent Refugees
The Bengali People Are A Case Study In Adaptability
All 50 States Have Introduced Over 900 Pieces Of Anti-Choice Legislation, Unemployment Remains Above 8%
If We Just Don’t Say The Word Gay, Maybe They’ll Stop Being So Gay
Special Guest George Takei Lends His Name To Tenneseeans? Tenneseeites? Tenneseeonians?
Stacy Campfield, Douchebag
A Headline That Needs No Embellishment
MI GOP Rep: Foster Kids Should Be Forced To Shop At Thrift Stores
Raising Wal-Mart Associate Wages To $12/Hr (50%+) Would Not Impact Wal-Mart’s Prices
This Only Happened Because Not Enough People Had Guns
Barney Frank Calls BS On DOJ’s Online Poker Crackdown
We Stopped Thinking Of The Children For A Brief Moment And It Nearly Killed Us All
Everywhere I Look, I See Suspicious Passengers


Written by Dusty

05/03/2011 at 5:45 PM

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