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Untitled 1 Show #007: Return of Two White Guys

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Your lack of faith is disturbing.

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Featured Album/Artist: “Relayted,” the Gayngs

Music for 4/11/11:
“When The President Talks To God,” Bright Eyes
“The Gaudy Side of Town,” the Gayngs
“Over and Over,” Hot Chip
“What Are You Waiting For?” Franz Ferdinand
“Got Your Money,” Wu-Tang Clan ft. ODB vs The Beatles
“Cry,” the Gayngs
“Fashionably Uninvited,” Mellowdrone

Show Notes for 4/11/11:
The 4th Amendment is Dead, and Stuffed in Homeland Security’s Trunk
Libya Tries to Shake Down Oil Companies to Pay For Being Shaken Down
Bank Owned Partially by Qaddafi Government Got Billions in Near-Zero-Interest Loans From the US During the Bailout
Libyan Bank Branches In US Exempted From Economic Sanctions Against Libya
Sending Ground Troops Into Libya Suddenly On The Table After All
And Now, Some Facts About What Planned Parenthood Actually Does
Jean Schmidt Demands To See Harry Reid’s Package
Sen. John Kyl: Well Over 90% Of Planned Parenthood is Providing Abortions
Sen. John Kyl: That Statement ‘Was Not Meant To Be Factual’
Rule of Law In Same Trunk As 4th Amendment, KSM Will Be Tried In A Military Court At Guantanamo
Eric Holder Blames Congress For Yet Another Administration Failure
Nap for Humanity Carbon Savings Calculator
Nap for Humanity Nap Aids
Federal Appeals Court Reinstates FISA Lawsuit, Expected To Be Squashed By The State Secrets Privilege Obama Promised He Wouldn’t Misuse
If Democrats In Illinois Did What Republicans In Wisconsin Are Doing, We’d Be Impeaching Obama Or Something
County Clerk Magically Finds 14,000 Votes For Her Old Boss In WI Supreme Court Election
County Clerk Has History Of Involvement In Criminal Activity Regarding The Counting Of Votes
WI County Clerk Told To Stop Keeping Election Results On Private Computers In Her Office, Ignores Auditors
Sheriff Joe and Steven Seagal, A Tank, An APC, and 115 Chickens
Sheriff Joe Isn’t Wasting AZ Taxpayer Funds To Get Steven Seagal More Publicity, Or Anything Like That
Bernie Sanders Rips Into Budget Deal, News Media Yawns And Puts A Microphone in Front of Donald Trump


Written by Dusty

04/11/2011 at 11:54 AM

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