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Untitled 1 Radio – Punking Pop Punk hosted by D.O’C

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I'm an adult!  I can buy my own insurance and everything!

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Track Listing for Punking Pop Punk:
“A More Perfect Union,” Titus Andronicus
“Anti-Manifesto,” Propagandhi
“The Boys are Leaving Town,” Japandroids
“Boots of Danger,” Tokyo Police Club
“Open One Eye,” The Baddies
“Last Dinosaur (Saigo no Kyooryuu),” The Pillows
“The Wrath of Marcie,” The Go! Team
“Lights and Sounds,” Yellowcard
“Cute Without the ‘E’,” Taking Back Sunday
“Thank You For The Venom,” My Chemical Romance
“Ready to Fall,” Rise Against
“Gitmo National Anthem,” the Slaves and Human Resources of Gitmo Nation
“Close the Lid,” Port O’Brien
“Knocked Down,” Pennywise
“Memory,” Sugarcult
“Broken Boy Soldier,” The Raconteurs
“Middle of Nowhere,” Hot Hot Heat


Written by Dusty

03/27/2011 at 6:47 PM

Posted in radio

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