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Untitled 1 Show Episode 006: Chicken Poo

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Untitled1Show006We measured the stinky-level around Nuclear Boy

Download Episode 006 here. Click Play to listen above!

Featured Artist/Album: Dessa, “A Badly Broken Code”

Music for 3/23/11:
“Puttin’ People on the Moon,” Drive-By Truckers
“Mineshaft II,” Dessa
“The Sweetest Thing (Richard Hawley Remix),” Camera Obscura
“Always Loved a Film,” Underworld
“Robot High School,” My Robot Friend
“Dutch,” Dessa
“Handmade Heart,” dylan lewis

Show Notes for 3/23/11:
Gaman (A Special Request From George Takei)
Let’s Bury This Mistake Once and For All
Let’s Not and Say We Did
Water Attack!
The First Six Reasons Fukushima Daiichi is Not Like Chernobyl
Nuclear Boy **MUST WATCH**
Al-Jazeera on the March to Libyan Intervention
Obama Announces the Use of American Force
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lays Out Our Objectives
And Now, For No Good Reason, Here’s Louis Farrakhan
We’re Only Doing This to Save Humans, Not Protect Valuable Resources or Anything
It’s Very Important We Don’t Look Like We’re in Charge
CIA Contractor Reaps Benefits of Being a CIA Asset
Pakistani Judges Reap Benefit of Acquiescing to American Interests
Media, Law Luminaries to White House: What You’re Doing to Bradley Manning is Wrong, Unconstitutional
I Asked A Question, Answered It Stupidly, Then Wrote An Article Anyway
White House to State Department, Media, Law Luminaries, Bradley Manning: SHUT UP, SLAVE!
Existing Public Performance Copyright Law is Apparently Not Strong Enough
Rep. Zoe Lofgren Catches IP Czar Victoria Espinel in Obvious Lies, Canards
Copyright Law Should Be Treated Like Terrorism, Says IP Czar Espinel
Michigan Goes For All The Rights
Gang Rape in Texas Clearly Means Florida Needs Stricter School Dress Codes
We Wanted to Include a Story About Bull Semen
Minnesota GOP: Poor People Can’t Be Trusted With $20
91-Year-Old New Hampshire GOP Freshman Thinks Hitler Had it Right


Written by Dusty

03/23/2011 at 10:15 PM

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