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Episode 003: Qadhafi Lives

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Your Daily Drive with The Words and The Worm IN THE MORNING!!

Download Episode 003. Click Play above to listen now!

Featured Artist/Album: Outkast, Whatubeenwaitin4

Music for 2/26/11:
Patience Makes Perfect, Outkast (download here)
66th Street, Atmosphere
Rockin’ the Casbah, The Solar Twins
Celebration, Florida, Chumbawamba
Trippin’, Outkast (download here)
Uncle Sam Goddamn, Brother Ali
Non-Smokers, Bill Hicks

Show Notes for 2/26/11:

If anyone in Congress knows orgies, it’s Barney Frank

Poor Kids Go to Fat Camp, Rich Kids Go to Insufferability Camp

HBGary, SQL Injections, and Social Engineering

HBGary & Anonymous: A Love Story

‘Persona Management Software’ Sounds So Much Nicer Than ‘Fake People For Propaganda And Intelligence Purposes’

The War on Terror is A War on Our Wallets

American ‘Security Contractor’ in Pakistan Was On Secret CIA Mission

Steal My Last Hot Pocket? That’s A Kidnappin’

Musician Jailed over Prank Youtube Video

Bad Jokes Can Get You 20 Years, Apparently

Why Trust Your Kids When You Can Spy on Them and Lie About It

15-year-old ‘Model Student,’ Football Player Kills Self After Explusion Over Accusations of Purchasing a Legal Drug


The Blog That Got Gov. Walker to Speak Candidly, and All They Had to Do Was Pretend to Be a Billionaire (this link was down as of taping time, may still be down. FREEDOM!)

Indiana Flirts With, Avoids Full Wisconsin

Mayor Bloomberg’s War on Habits He Finds Distasteful Continues

Hey, You! Put Out That Cigarette!

Pack of Smokes? $12 Please

College Students in Texas Will Finally Be Able to Do Something About All Those Liberal Professors

“The School Cannot Guarantee my Safety (So I’ll Endanger Everyone Around Me Instead)”

Georgia Takes Steps to Outlaw Miscarriage, Declares Full-On Uterus War

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02/26/2011 at 4:57 AM

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