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Episode 002: Death Knocks Twice

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I want my name to be Spaghetti.

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Featured Artist/Album: Mike Doughty, “Golden Delicious”

Music for 2/20/11

“Fort Hood,” Mike Doughty
“Hip Hop is Dead,” Nas
“Smiley Faces,” Gnarls Barkley
“She’s My Baby,” Faux Jean
“I Wrote a Song About Your Car,” Mike Doughty
“Rock Bottom Riser,” Smog
“Whitey on the Moon,” Gil Scott-Heron
“Atheists Ain’t Got No Songs,” Steve Martin ft. The Steep Canyon Rangers

Show Notes

Taco Bell Defends Its Beef

Obama’s Budget Cuts Pell Grants

Bank of America hires security firm HBGary at the Department of Justice’s suggestion to discredit journalists and squash dissent

US Security Firms Planned to Attack Wikileaks

EXPOSED: Attack on Wikileaks

House GOP gets its act together; undoes good it accidentally did

Speaker Boehner: “Not my job” to tell American people “what to think”

John Boehner: Closet Birther?

Speaker Boehner on lost jobs: “So be it”

An American in Pakistan

South Dakota GOP Pushes Bill to Legalize Homicide in Defense of the Unborn

Bill Sponsor: Legislation Has “Nothing to Do” With Abortion

Child Labor Laws Are So 20th Century

Missouri State Rep. Wants Weaker Child Labor Laws

Shut Up, Mini-Slave, And Get Back To Work

Intellectual Diversity: Diversifying Your Intelligence With Some Stupidity

Jane Cunningham, Queen of Tact

Thousands Protest WI Governor’s Attempt to Bust Public Unions

Governor Walker Ginned Up Budget “Crisis” to Undercut Budget, Workers’ Rights

WI Dem: Who Cares Where We Are, This is Serious Business

Showdown in Wisconsin


Written by Dusty

02/20/2011 at 12:17 AM

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