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“in development” is the new “under construction”

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We’re presently in the studio, recording Episode 1 and trying to get ready for prime time.

When I say “in the studio,” I mean that I’m in the Bedroom Bunker Headquarters here in the People’s Republic of Boulder, seeding the cloud for the torrential downpour that will be our show.  J-Po is … well, wherever he is, editing our long senseless rants into something fit for human resource consumption.

This site will be a portal from which you can listen to the latest episode, download it, or subscribe to an RSS feed either in iTunes or via FeedBurner (and likely other methods).  For now, it’s a WordPress template with some words in it, so I can see how things will look when the first show drops.  Stay tuned and stay frosty, my friends!



Written by Dusty

02/04/2011 at 5:36 AM

Posted in news

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